Reading at the Gym VIII: Scrum

[2016-02-22 6:40 PM] 60 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Reading about Scrum for work while also reading The Purpose Driven Life with a small group at Church has me thinking pretty deeply about the power of small groups. I think to the work groups I’ve been a part of on mission trips. I think about my officemates. I think about my family. Team as an abstract concept is powerful like Story. Those two powerful concepts can get entangled. Scrum uses stories as a core element of its framework. So many great stories are about a team.

One thought that I’ve had over and over as I read about Scrum is that I’d really like to read about the author’s failures. Not a problem that was solved by the creation of or use up a particular aspect of Scrum, but a case where he tried to use Scrum and it just didn’t work. The book is all about failing and viewing certain types of failure as success. But there’s a big difference between a failure fixed by the using the framework or a failure handled by the framework vs a failure OF the framework. Reading over and over, Scrum saved the day or They stopped using scrum and everything fell apart, actually makes me VERY anxious about applying the framework.

~ by mentatjack on February 23, 2016.

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