A Short Break For Ice Cream


I went out into the world to read tonight. I have a very complex to read pile right now. Christianity side by side with the Weird side by side with core science fiction and fantasy side by side with non-genre and non-fiction. Tonight I was reading about Scrum. I read as I ate dinner and then I read at Sweet Lucie’s Scoop Shop. There are 2 reasons I decided to write this post (other than taking a break reading about Scrum).

1) Brownie Peanut Butter Ice Cream: I usually enjoy Earl Grey Ice Cream or Lavender Something or other. There’s something awesome about feeling like a kid, because ice cream, while enjoying a flavor I wouldn’t have touched growing up. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Pistachio or Mint Chocolate Chip. This was the first time I’d encountered Brownie Peanut Butter Ice Cream at Sweet Lucie’s. I chatted with the owner and he shared that they make flavors incorporating brownies on brownie delivery days. Brownies are one of the options for cookie sandwiches and when they cut the circles out of the sheet of brownies there are scraps left over. Of course these get incorporated into Brownie Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Pictured above is a brownie ice cream sandwich with Brownie Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Inception was mentioned when I ordered that.

2) Avoidance of Cross Contamination: I lived for many years with someone who suffered from Celiac and thus learned the importance of 100% avoiding the introduction of an allergen. Sweet Lucie’s is great on this front for a number of reasons, but one of my favorite is the segregation of the scoops for their vegan options. I usually sit right by the door, because I enjoy hearing the reactions when people see more than just sherbet as a vegan option. I tasted the vegan coffee ice cream tonight and I can highly recommend. They make it using a coconut milk base.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a chapter of Scrum with your ice cream, but I’d recommend a scoop of Sweet Lucie’s with almost anything.

~ by mentatjack on February 20, 2016.

2 Responses to “A Short Break For Ice Cream”

  1. Lavender Ice Cream? I’m thinking a pairing with a delicate wafer instead of any type of brownie. Now, I want to make it. Nice write up, Steven. It made me interested in this ice cream store with it’s unusual flavor combos, reading in public, and eavesdropping. 😉

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