Reading at the Gym IV: Two of Swords Part Twelve

[2016-01-16 7:15 am] 6 miles of walking, to and on the Venice boardwalk.

Read the 12th installment of K. J. Parker’s ongoing serial Two of Swords at The Sidewalk Cafe and finished it off after the walk. Musen, the thief, spent this bit as the mouse in a game of cat and mouse. He and Axeo (the cat) arguably have the same goal, though they disagree dramatically about how to achieve it. Plenty of colorful characters encountered as always. It’s crazy difficult keeping the cast of POV characters straight between installments, but I’m still finding the serial rewarding.

Also spent some time at Small World Books and came away with Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. I’ve been meaning to read this and it always feels great to support a local independent bookstore. I read a bit of this on a bench by the skate park. It’s a bit cool out, but there was still a pleasant cognitive dissonance to sitting in the bright sunlight and reading about a frozen planet. The main points that I knew about the book, the non-gendered language and the main character that used to be a ship, were both raised in the first few pages. Looking forward to finding out more.

~ by mentatjack on January 16, 2016.

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