Reading at the Gym III: The Coode Street Podcast

[2016-01-14 6:10am] 35 minutes walking and running around the Venice, Wade, Pacific, Moore block. This was a proof of concept. How well do I run on a cold morning. Could I possibly run down to the beach (2.3 miles) and back for a morning run? Actually, strike that. There’s a bus that runs regularly along that route, so I really only need to be comfortable getting to the beach. 2.3 miles is cake! I’ll top up a TAP card and try this next week.

Just as I wasn’t actually in the gym, I wasn’t actually reading. I listened to the tail end of Episode 257, the last episode recorded in 2015, and the start of Episode 258, an interview with Jim Minz.

I’m always amused when Gary and Jonathan ponder how people are supposed to stumble across new (to them) writers in a podcast where they’ve given dozens of reading recommendations. I know that an insider baseball (actually science fiction) podcast like this isn’t going to be where the average reader discovers the gems of science fiction, but it’s one of MY favorite ways to dive deeper into the field. To the extent that I go on to recommend books, the seed of those recommendations often start here.

~ by mentatjack on January 14, 2016.

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