Reading at the Gym I: Temper by Alex Hughes

[2016-01-08 ~10pm] Recumbent bike for 20 minutes followed by a little over a 5k on the treadmill.

Temper, the novella I was reading, is a companion piece to the novella Fluid, the most recent stories in Alex Hughes Minspace Investigations series. Fluid follows the telepath Adam, who has been the central character, whereas Temper covers the same time period from the point of view of Cherabino, Adam’s partner and frustrated love interest.

Adam’s struggle with addiction has been central to the series, so it feels right that Cherabino have her own internal struggle when we’re seeing the story through her eyes. For Cherabino it’s the titular “temper,” her “fight or flight” reflex that’s light on the flight. I’ve gotten used to Adam thinking about how various tech will interfere with his ability and how crowded rooms will strain his ability to concentrate and, as a telepath, what other people are thinking. It’s refreshing to see the same world, a high-tech, future Atlanta with sever restrictions on computers, through the eyes of a well worn police woman. Her stray thoughts are mostly self reflective, trying to remain focused on the task at hand while her stable life crumbles around her.

Perfectly serviceable mystery as always, with a solid introduction into how both Cherabino will handle working as a private investigator instead of a cop. She’s getting used to lying and playing on the various assumptions people have. I wasn’t that satisfied with the ending to Fluid, but it works much better as a counterpoint to the ending of Temper. It’s been established that Cherabino and Adam can’t sleep together for … reasons … and Cherabino’s struggles with that were great to see from her point of view.

After reading these I’m definitely ready for another Mindspace novel. I’m glad Hughes is still writing even if she’s no longer with a major publisher.

~ by mentatjack on January 9, 2016.

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