Stuff – How I Met Your Mother 2.16

The 2 story lines in Stuff involve clearing out the detritus of previous relationships and the trials of supporting the creative endeavors of our friends. This post is about the former.

The picture I have of myself and my high school girlfriend was taken on the top of one of the World Trade towers. The picture I have of my college girlfriend was taken at my graduation. She’s wearing sunglasses and standing with J. Scattered around my apartment are pictures of my family, including some from my wedding. I think I’d like to put a wedding picture and the first 2 pictures in a frame together. I hope anyone who loves me in the future will love me in part because of what each of those relationships cultivated in me.

I’ve been thinking about pulling together a website based on the idea that TV should inspire reading. It would basically be a ton of reading recommendations based on television shows and specific episodes. That idea has me thinking more about what I’m watching. I’m not sure what I’d recommend based on this episode of HIMYM.

The season finale of Fringe is another story. Seeing Leonard Nimoy in an office in one of the World Trade towers was probably many a person’s first glimpse at the idea of multiple dimensions. I’ve got the start of a great recommendation list for books and stories about multiple dimensions at TagShadow.

So that’s what I’m watching right now: Fringe and How I Met Your Mother. Also The Shield, but I have no idea what I’d recommend someone read related to Los Angeles gangs and corrupt cops.

~ by mentatjack on May 17, 2014.

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