I took the buzzfeed geek quiz and had thoughts about it, mostly that it would be cool to build a better quiz site. First some requirements for the site:

  1. quizzes would be collaboratively built, like the lists on good reads, eg. Best Science Fiction Fantasy Books
  2. All questions should provide links to relevant information/discussion, such that taking the quiz can also be used to learn more about the topic.
  3. The underlying code could also be used for an award voting system, because that’s something else that’s been on my mind
  4. I lean toward making this part of my SF recommendation tools, but I think it could have broader appeal…
  5. There should be multiple scoring systems.

This whole thought experiment is supported by a few ideas:

  1. this would be an interesting thing to actually build
  2. it’s a proven formula for viral silliness, which could be profitable.
  3. it would be fun to make much of this a satire ( remember my “twitter killer” twitterplusone which let you communicate with 141 characters? I’m guessing no. )
  4. The number crunching will be a hoot.

So, keeping in mind I want to challenge myself as a developer and make this a fun satire, here are some ideas on the scoring systems. You’d take a quiz and then choose which of the following scores you want to share:

  • score: points summed as described in the quiz displayed as a percentile vs everyone else having taken the quiz, adjusted for how the quiz changes over time
  • strict scoring: The number of yes votes and the number of questions.  Ignore all maybes, qualified answers, etc.  This is the basis of most online quizzes and the most boring.
  • personality: answers tossed in a black box, image and description generated, relevance may vary
  • feedback: your rating / review of the quiz
  • social: how much you’ve helped this quiz go viral
  • contribution: how many edits you’ve made to the quiz, how much feedback you’ve given on the individual questions, how good the feedback is on the edits you’ve made. social influences contribution positively.
  • hipster scoring: the sooner you take the quiz, the higher your hipster score.  The more popular the quiz is, the higher your hipster score as long as you took the quiz before it was popular. Good social and contribution scores negatively effect your hipster score.
  • lawyer scoring: (a) take the quiz (b) make edits/corrections to quiz (1) read the ORIGINAL and CURRENT lawyer scoring criteria (2) install the reverse TOS addon (RTA) which will allow you selectively ignore certain rules (3) configure the RTA (4) compare your score under all other scoring systems (5) propose scoring system changes (6a) if needed restart at step a or 3 (6b) choose scoring system to share OR calculate your lawyer score
  • meta score: Display all of your scores, write a custom description and add yourself to the quiz leader board.

~ by mentatjack on April 12, 2014.

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