I continue to read

What I’ve been doing while not posting here.

  • I’m 15 books into my 20 book goal for the year. I may just have to raise that goal up a few notches.
  • I’ve started quite a few reviews for this blog, but I seem to have lost all confidence in my ability to collect my thoughts…
  • thus I’ve been reading about literary analysis. We’ll see if that helps me gather my thoughts.
  • I started a tumblr to track the short fiction I read. See my reviews of The Emperor’s Old Bones by Gemma Files and The Best Science Fiction of the Year Three by Ken Macleod
  • I continue development on the next iteration of TagShadow, although data entry has stalled. I really need to bring some other people onto this project…

~ by mentatjack on August 14, 2013.

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