Science: Dealing with Data (misplaced draft 3/6/11)

A data archivist would be a mix of librarian, IT expert, and physicist…

This is a job that sounds awesome to me. The proposal to create such a position on particle physics research teams was made in the first of a series of articles on “dealing with data” in the February 11th issue of Science. Normally I just read through the abstracts and skim the occasional article, but I was pretty excited to spend some time with this topic. I manage a ton of data as part of my day job and I spend some of my free time working on Tag Shadow, which involves collecting and analyzing data on books and stories.

The second article discusses how techniques for visualizing and analyzing data developed for astronomy have been applied to medicine and vice versus. This got me thinking of the work my friend Justin does as well as my misplaced aspirations at becoming an astrophysicist. The third article profiles a company called Kaggle that runs competitions to improve the analysis of data, much like the Netflix prize.

I have WAY too many drafts that I never got around to posting for one reason or another. I figured I’d share.

~ by mentatjack on May 24, 2013.

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