Mysterious Galaxy: Nathan Long and David Constantine

I overheard a Redondo Beach local say, “I had to buy a new bookshelf because of this store.” I know the feeling. I walk into MG and pretty much want one of everything. I came away today with freshly signed copies of Jane Carver of Waar and Pillars of Hercules.

Nathan and Dave both read sections from their respective books and answered a few questions. Dave read a section with a confrontation between a multiple sword wielding fellow and sleepy man with a cross bow. 330 BC seems like it’ll be an interesting place/time with plenty of awesome extrapolated ancient technologies and Alexander (the not yet great) as the big bad. Dave is quite giddy when geeking out about about this period of history. Nathan read a fight between the titular character and a Centiger … that would be a large half man half tiger … Over the top crazy adventure fun. I’d read the first bit of this via the Kindle Preview. The chase through my neighborhood that starts the book really hooked me and the fight scene he read really sealed the deal.

I also came away with Night Shade Books’ latest year’s best.

~ by mentatjack on March 23, 2012.

One Response to “Mysterious Galaxy: Nathan Long and David Constantine”

  1. Thanks for coming by last night, Steven! Hope you enjoy the book!

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