Jenn Reese @ Mysterious Galaxy


Soon, Jenn will start her first signing. The new MG in Redondo Beach is AWESOME.



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— update —

I enjoyed chatting with Andy Romine before the signing. I’d met him at Amelia Beamer’s signing, where I also met Gary K. Wolfe. Andy has a story in the December issue of Light Speed. It’s a great character driven bit of space opera, chock full of cyborgs, distorted religion and an offer you can’t refuse.

I also caught up with some friends and friends of Jenn I’d met before. Chris did a great job taking pictures of everyone with their copies of the book.

The format Jenn and Sara settled on for their talk involved comparing and contrasting their books: Above World and Harbringer. It provided a lot of energy and I came away with a copy of Sara’s book as well. I was excited to see the size of the crowd and am glad I was a part of it. The dedicated event space is a great thing to have in a store.

It’s one thing to hear that MG had opened a new location in Redondo beach. It’s quite another thing to experience it. They have a very large space, cleanly broken up into SF, Mystery, YA and horror sections. There’s also a section of “curated literary fiction” and another for books on writing. I can see this becoming my go to store for anything I want as a physical book.

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  1. Looks beautiful!

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