Podcasts: Week Ending Oct 8, 2011

In no particular order, some thoughts on what I’ve listened to recently.

Jonathan Strahan of the Coode Street Podcast and Ian Mond of The Writer and the Critic have mentioned in recent podcasts a project called “Last Short Story.” I looked it up today and it’s basically a group blog where a 1/2 dozen people attempt to “read as many SF, fantasy and horror stories as humanly possible every year…” and recommend the stuff they like. It’s a spectacular resource for me as I work to grow TagShadow. I’ll be spending some time with their 2010 recommendations.

The Coode Street Podcast (episode 69) reminds us that the SF Gateway eBooks are now available. I for one have been checking daily to see when those yellow covers start making their way onto amazon’s bestseller list.

I just listened to a slightly older episode (#10) of The Writer and the Critic. As much as they’ve mentioned not liking Blackout/All Clear, I’m still not sure I follow their complaints. I’ll have to go back to episode #7 and get the full scoop. They TEAR into The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, but manage to do so rather respectfully. I sort of get the feeling that most of the issues they bring up won’t bother the average reader all that much. They gush over The Dervish House. The excessively positive ending seemed to bother them. I love how in depth the discussions on this podcast are.

The Locus roundtable conversation with Gail Carriger and Francesca Myman from August covers pretty much every facet of attending conventions. I’ve only been to media conventions and really look forward to attending some more literary conventions.

Episode 10 of the Outer Alliance podcast was an interview with Ellen Klages. On the strength of the interview I ordered a copy of Portable Childhoods. I also really want to read the novel length version of Green Glass Sea, about the first test of the atomic bomb. Thinking about LGBT issues led to an epic session reading the Outer Alliance blog earlier today. I spent the most time wading through the OSC Hamlet controversy and On Refusing to Straighten Up. Golden Age SF inspired the scientists that got us to the moon. I have a feeling that SFF of this century and the discussions around it will play a major role in bring gender, racial and a slew of other issues to the forefront of public discourse.

I liked the mixture of science fiction and alternate history in “Night Bird Soaring” by T. L. Morganfield from episode 312 of Escape Pod.

El Regalo” by Peter S. Beagle is a tale of 2 young siblings and magic. Episode 175 of Podcastle is a giant episode, clocking in at an hour and 35 minutes.

The first story for October at Clarkesworld is “Staying Behind” by Ken Liu. It’s a rather dark take on the changes a society goes through after a technological transcendence.

After Lou Ander’s talk about the Hollywood formula on Writing Excuses 6.18 I find myself looking for it in every story I read; every show I watch.

There were more. I’m going to try and do an overview like this every week or so. Let me know if I missed your favorite SFF podcast.

~ by mentatjack on October 9, 2011.

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