A New Award (tentative proposal)

I’m proposing a new science fiction and fantasy literary award. The goal here is to generate discussion a bit more interesting than just “what was the best X last year.” Here’s how I’m going to define it:

  1. The award is given out on an irregular basis, starting roughly annually but potentially increasing in frequency.
  2. Eligibility for the award is never confined to the space of a single year.
  3. Unless crucial to the criteria, stories, anthologies, collections, novels, series, etc are all vying for the same award
  4. There are 3 phases to the award:
    1. Choosing the criteria for the next award. (see poll below)
    2. Nominations for the award.
    3. Voting for the award.
  5. Prizes, voting rules, venues, award name and numerous other factors are still up in the air. Suggestions are welcome and it is quite possible that different criteria will require different procedures. In the event that this never becomes a formal award, hopefully it can still generate a good number of top ten lists.

~ by mentatjack on October 5, 2011.

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