The Kindle Free Digest of F & SF

I’m always fascinated by experiments in electronic publishing. In this case, a pared down version of the standard kindle subscription, with one short story and a lot of the non-fiction content. I enjoyed the short story, Overtaken by Karl Bunker. It’s a simple tale, told in the dark between stars, about what makes us human.

This is actually the first magazine that I’ve read on the kindle and I like the organization of the articles. I’m still not quite sure how amazon handles past issues, but as long as I have easy access to all the issues since the start of my subscription, I’ll be trying out the full subscription and checking out other magazines as well.

~ by mentatjack on September 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Kindle Free Digest of F & SF”

  1. I’ve subscribed to the same free digest since August and love the format an contents.

    Amazon automatically pushes the new issues to the Kindle. You can find older issues under Periodicals Back Issues that’s available at the end of the Kindle Home. It took me quite a while to figure that out!

    Enjoy your subscription.

  2. That’s a terrific one-line synopsis/review of my story; thanks!

  3. […] I have a story idea that I’m fleshing out and it’s got me thinking a TON about long voyages between stars. I’m specifically thinking about non-FTL scenarios, and I’m wanting to pull together a reading list that I hope to tackle in the near future. Here’s what I’ve got so far, looking at recent novels and branching back into older stuff that’s on my radar but I haven’t read yet. I’d love more recommendations, particularly if you know some good short stories (like Overtaken that I mentioned recently). […]

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