In the flesh: Amelia Beamer and Gary K. Wolfe

Yesterday I went to a book signing for Amelia Beamer’s The Loving Dead at Dark Delicacies. You might recall that I didn’t have much enthusiasm for the standard format that author appearances take at this venue. However, in this case, the result was a chance to sit and chat with Amelia Beamer and Gary K. Wolfe. They were in town representing Locus at the Writer’s of the Future.

As much as I like meeting writers, I found myself particularly excited to meet Gary, whose reviews I’ve been reading in Locus for years. Gary is one of the judges for the World Fantasy Award. I’d entered the current nominees into TagShadow earlier that morning ( Howie Nominees ). I pointed out that I noticed the Locus Recommended Reading list from February had included most of the nominees. Turns out that that’s pretty much the point. The list exists (and is timed) to bring attention to award worthy fiction that should be considered for all the major awards. If you’re not subscribed to Locus you should be.

Amelia was one of 4 Clarion graduates at bookstore that day, and I always love hearing stories about Clarion. Everyone discussed the difference between the writing advice and doses of reality delivered at Clarion vs the WotF experience. Amelia shared the advice that Charles Brown always gave when speaking to WotF participants. “THIS is the high point of your writing career.” Black tie awards shows are not really how the science fiction community roll.

I came away with a signed copy of Amelia’s book ( Dark Delicacies also has copies of The living Dead 2, which she has a story in and signed ) and a renewed desire to contribute to the science fiction community… and spent the rest of the day playing World of Warcraft with friends. Fun distractions aside, I actually have been contributing in my own small way. Check out my latest reviews over at Adventures in SciFi Publishing and catch up our latest shows.

~ by mentatjack on August 29, 2010.

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