The Sofanauts and Lightspeed

The Sofanauts has quickly become my favorite podcast. I loved hearing Paul Di Filippo and Peter Watts discuss the trials and tribulations of surviving as a writer. They got me thinking about how I might put myself on the trajectory to write for video games. Hearing Jeff VanderMeer, Jeremy Tolbert, Shelia Williams and Brian Bieniowski discuss the state of Asimovs left me excited about all the OTHER science fiction venues that have a bit more of a clue.

Today was a special treat. I listened to episode 32. Sean Wallace of Prime Books and Fantasy Magazine is starting up a science fiction webzine called Lightspeed. John Joseph Adams, Lightspeed’s fiction editor and Andrea Kail, Lightspeed’s non-fiction editor had many exciting things to share about the birth of a new market.

Lightspeed is going to feature 2 pieces of original fiction and 2 reprints each month, all science fiction of one sort or another. They’ll also publish science non-fiction articles that will hopefully complement the fiction. Each month’s content will be metered out weekly for free on their website, be available for purchase as an eBook at the start of the month and be collected into a print anthology at the end of each year. They will be open for submissions in January and the first issue will hit the tubes in June.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

~ by mentatjack on November 20, 2009.

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