November Signings So Far

So far this month I’ve experienced 2 new bookstores. I went to meet and experience authors. The results ranged from disappointing to spectacular, but overall worthwhile.

Last Wednesday (11/4/09) I stopped by Dark Delicacies and it turns out I should have paid more attention to my own blog as Ken Scholes signed there on the third. I talked with Del (the owner, I presume) and it sounds like signings at Dark Delicacies tend to forgo any reading or Q&A in favor of getting straight to the signings. I came away with their last signed copy of Canticle and quite enjoyed browsing the book store, but I’m not sure I can drum up much excitement for that format of book signing. I’m currently enjoying Lamentation and am glad I have Canticle to chase it.

Jeff VanderMeer at Book Soup (11/11/09) was the polar opposite experience. He gave a lively reading from Finch (my review) which he introduced with a personal anecdote about professional cockroaches and maritime adventures in Romania. A listener commented on the lilt of his prose and Jeff described how he tried to build each paragraph with a few complete sentences surrounded by fragments. Flash backs are written in the present tense with more emphasis on complete sentences.

The topic of the soundtracks for the Ambergris books was raised and Jeff shared that the Murder By Death Soundtrack for Finch was so perfect, often dissecting specific scenes, that it managed to supplant in his mind the soundtrack he used to write the book ( I built that from the track list in the Advanced Reader Copy and listened while I read).

When asked what he’d read and particularly liked recently he responded with LIver by Will Self and Tatoo Machine by Jeff Johnson.

I thought it was quite cool that Jeff used a copy of Book Life (already on a second print run) as a guest book, having everyone who he signed something for sign it. I made a habit of doing that in high school and still have a few of my Doctor Who books that got the treatment. I mentioned this blog when he signed my new copy of Finch and he said he read it regularly. Squee!

If you’d like to win my ARC of Finch, be one of the first 50 users to post on the TagShadow forums. Genre musings, organizational schemes for books, tips on where you get the SFF you enjoy, and such things are strongly desired. Tag your posts liberally and creatively. I’ll do this particular giveaway (and probably others as well) once we reach 50 active users.

~ by mentatjack on November 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “November Signings So Far”

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