Zing: Getting Lost

I have about an hour commute every weekday morning and evening. My shiny white scion xB has a manual transmission. I appreciate the feeling of control the clutch and stick shift give me. Sometimes on the freeway, with the speed of traffic oscillating between 20mph and 40mph, I’ll end up in the wrong gear. As I correct my mistake, I try and think back through the increases and decreases in speed that nudged me out of a familiar pattern and during that reflection I feel lost.

Getting lost is an experience that can either lead to exploration or fear. I choose exploration pretty much every time when I’m physically lost. I enjoy being physically lost. Today’s zing reminds me that all the other times I feel lost (programming problems, writer’s block, general thoughts about my place in the cosmos) I can choose exploration over fear.

I highly recommend this ISBW interview with Felix Gilman for more elaboration on the power of getting lost. In fact, I recommend that entire episode. The Jay Lake interview in that podcast has some impressive coverage on the topic of collaboration. The final interview becomes a discussion of fandom and the chance meeting of Mur and Pat may be important to the future of the human race.

~ by mentatjack on October 30, 2009.

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