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Finding a good bookstore is like coming home. Just like with family, you know you’ll find great conversations and more importantly, great stories. For those of us that love science fiction and fantasy it’s even more of a joy to find a good bookstore that specializes in these genres. I’ve gushed about my experience traveling to Mysterious Galaxy. Interestingly enough, the DRIN informed me early Saturday morning that Kirsten Imani Kasai would be doing a reading at Borderlands. Since I was in San Franscisco, I decided to check out Borderlands Books.

I showed up a bit early and was thus able to peruse Modern Times Books two shops down. I found a used copy of Remaking History, Kim Stanley Robinson’s short story collection. I was still a bit early when I got back to Borderlands, but they let me in just a bit before noon, so that I could escape the heat.

Jude and Chris were gracious book store hosts. They chatted with me about Noir in Speculative Fiction. Turns out io9 has also been fascinated by noir in fantasy of late. They entertained my spiel about TagShadow. They sold me a used hardcover of Black Projects, White Knights as a good jumping off point for Kage Baker’s Company series. I also picked up a used paperback of Glen Cook’s Sweet sliver Blues to fuel that noir habit.

I browsed the store meticulously noting many titles I’d had a rough time acquiring over the years. The shelves were beautifully handcrafted, the organization efficient and appealing, and as mentioned the staff cheerful and helpful. No visit to Borderlands would be complete without meeting Ripley. She wears the mantle of bookstore cat with pride and is not shy about offering affection.

Also, I got a chance to say hi to Kirsten as I was leaving to catch my plane. Here’s hoping she had a wonderful reading.

~ by mentatjack on September 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Borderlands Books”

  1. Gee, thanks for the kind words! I hope you can visit again on your next trip to our Beautiful Baghdad-by-the Bay. Looking forward to further development of the TagShadow engine, it’s a great concept.

  2. […] If anything could make Borderlands Books which I’ve mentioned before better, it would be coffee. I got this announcement in my email, and I wish I was close enough to […]

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