Fictional Interlude: an untitled quantum work

I did not write this story.

This story results from a coupling of it’s quantum state to it’s environment. You, the reader, are part of that environment. What you bring to the table will make or break both the literary impact and your enjoyment of this work.

Think back to your earliest memory. At some point in space time, very near that memory your observations began to affect the reality which we share. Think of your most recurring dream. I’m not in a position to analyze it for you, but I’m sure you have some theories as to what it means. In addition to that meaning such dreams connect you to the unobserved superposition of realities.

Stories are permutations of combinations of simple ideas. Your particular view of the world deeply affects how you process these combinations. The perfect balance of familiar and strange will bring satisfaction.

If you’ve made it this far and not experienced a memorable literary experience, the most likely issue is that not enough people have read this. Try reading this again after more readers have experienced it. I would also appreciate any dream time you could devote to this project.

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~ by mentatjack on September 19, 2009.

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