Genreville Relaunches Today

I got introduced to Genreville a few weeks ago rather organically through twitter. I don’t recall the exact sequence of follows, but that’s often the nature of things. Around the same time I signed up for the BBAW Interview Swap. Genreville and MentatJack were chosen to swap reviews and we’ve already started tossing questions back and forth. Genreville has been on hiatus and relaunches today. I’ll be following them closely this week so that I can come up with a few more questions.

Largely unrelated, but on my mind, Anathem by Neal Stephenson is out in mass market paperback. (Thank you Merecal for the reminder) Stephenson has gotten progressively and progressively more difficult to read for me, mainly for the reasons that I enjoy reading him. His books are SO full of ideas that they cause my mind to wander erratically and I eventually forget to keep reading. That’s what happened to me about 350 pages into Anathem, but I absolutely hope to get back to it. Stephenson was on my mind this morning, because of a discussion in Dragon Page Cover to Cover Episode 361B. A listener asked about when to use present tense when writing science fiction and Stephenson’s Snow Crash was the only example they could come up with. I of course immediately thought of David J Williams’ Mirrored Heavens and Burning Skies. I need to do some searching for other examples.

One last bit before I get to work. I’ve added a few books to my Noir and Speculative Fiction post and there will be a few more updates to come as I continue exploring this genre mix.

~ by mentatjack on September 1, 2009.

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