The Fantasy and Drabble to Which I Listen

I listened to the latest 2 AISFP today and I found it interesting that both involved books that in some way blended Science Fiction and Fantasy. In the case of Kay Kenyon, her Entire and Rose series is solidly science fiction. I’ve read the first book and it definitely gave me the experience I expect from a fantasy. Quests, a feudal/19th century setting, and such. Kay also mentioned that the next book she’s working on is pure fantasy which should be an interesting change of pace after 10 science fiction novels.

The interview with Ken Scholes dealt with Lamentation, the forthcoming Canticle and the other 3 books in the The Psalms of Isaak. It seems like the question of science fiction versus fantasy is an important aspect of this series. The neat tidbit that Ken offered was that the characters definitely think they’re living in a fantasy world, even though there are hints of more advanced civilizations. There was mention of a signing at Dark Delicacies that I may be able to make, which is cool.

The last bit that I want to highlight from today’s commute play list is a DrabbleCast story by Luke Coddington. It stands out in my mind both because of it’s delightfully dark humor and the fact that it takes place on (and is named) I 81. My parents effectively live near the events of the story and we drove up and down Interstate 81 when we visited them earlier this month. The page for episode 16 is rather sparse. Not sure what’s up with that

~ by mentatjack on August 28, 2009.

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