Reading: Catching Up on the Serials

There’s a lot of great free fiction online, but for this post, I’m going to concentrate on serials that are in progress. The personal nostalgia it evokes is reading my brother’s Marvel comic books and having to wait for the next installment. I find myself thinking back a bit further with the batch I’m reading at the moment. I wonder what it was like to read some of the science fiction classics when they were serialized. I ranted a bit about Dune yesterday, and I had a nagging memory that Dune had originally been serialized. Sure enough, SFSite points out that the first 3 dune books were serialized in one way or another.

Bone Shop

The point of this was to bring you up to speed on the Serials I’m following. Bone Shop has reached chapter 7 as I write this on Sunday. Chapter 8 should be available in the morning. Pratt excels at packing a great story into each of these installments. I can almost hear music swelling during the 2 paragraph aptitude montage in chapter 5. In Chapter 6, another instructor is brought into the mix, and I was struck be the delightful notion that Bone Shop might be the perfect chunk of fiction to transition all those Harry Potter fans into the main SFF section in the bookstore. The first novel is free so lets get with the pushing…

In the notes chapter 7 we get an idea of how much more Marla Mason goodness we have in store for us:

This is an eventful chapter, something of a turning point, and so I sat down and made an actual outline, of sorts, for the rest of the story.

If I had to guess, I’d say I’m roughly a third of the way through the novella, which means it’s likely to be more of a short novel, actually – not as long as the Marla novels, but longer than I’d initially expected. I suspect it’ll run 20 chapters or so all together, so it should be finished around Thanksgiving.

Exit Vector

I’ve mentioned this before. I’m sticking with Exit Vector, but I’m kinda glad the multi-week info dump seems to be over. Flatly equating abortion with evil as plot point redefines heavy handed. Drax should stick to fight scenes.


I keep meaning to catch up on this one, but my weekend seems to have ended too soon again.

Back to Dune

I’m just going to throw this out into the universe, but I think it would be AWESOME for whoever owns the electronic rights to Dune to recreate the original serials online. It’d be crazy cool promotion for the series and in general, I think this is a trend worth exploring.

Other currently running serials

I went searching for a list of classics to make the point I was trying to make above and came across some more serials in progress:

  • Piling on the Books pointed me at Dracula
  • Forcast 42 is an oddly literary futuristic novel (I’ve just skimmed the first chapter so far) by Shya Scanlon that’s being serialized across 42 different websites. That’s an interesting twist, but he was beat to the punch slightly by the Norse Code promotion that published it’s preview chapters on multiple industry blogs. You can read a short interview with Scanlon here.
  • If you like manga, Tokyo Pop just started a new online serial campaign
  • And of course there’s no end of great audio fiction being serialized in the podcast format, but that’s for another post.

And bearing no relevance to the rest of the post, I watched A Scanner Darkly for the first time Saturday. I’ll definitely be watching it again and may review it more in depth, but I like to go back and read the source material first.

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