Early morning writing in a coffee shop

This is an absolute cliche: The writer in a coffee shop. After listening to ISBW 104 with Benjamin Rosenbaum, it kinda clicked with me exactly why falling into that cliche might work for me. My commute is more pleasant if I leave a bit over an hour earlier. There are some decent coffee shops near my office. I write well in the morning. It all kind of adds up.

As a proof of concept I left 45 minutes early this morning, and I got about 50 minutes of uninterrupted writing time at the Sawtelle/Olympic Starbucks. I wrote 2 vignettes for the project I’m currently referring to just as PRIVACY. I drank a cappuccino and I got to work on time. All in all, a successful experiment.

Also a successful experiment so far: joining OWW. The story I submitted has gotten a few reviews already, and I had a great experience writing my first review. Giving constructive criticism is a drastically different beast than reviewing a book on a blog, but I think both will inform each other well.

~ by mentatjack on July 29, 2009.

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