The Return of Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing!

Izzie cat chews my beard and plays my Death Knight

Izzie cat chews my beard and plays my Death Knight

Shaun posted Episode 78 of AISFP today! I wasn’t expecting it till tomorrow, and until a week ago I thought it would be an even longer wait, but I’m glad he’s back behind the mic. Sam Wynns Skyped in with her new cat (of which I demand pictures). Greg van Eekhout is the interviewee for episode 78. You know Greg. I interviewed him and reviewed his first novel Norse Code. Shaun and I cover mostly different ground, but Greg is still Greg.

Shaun’s done a great job of supplementing the podcast with other cool content on the website, including reprints of some of the reviews from this blog. To celebrate the return of AISFP I wrote my first exclusive review. You’ll have to head over there if you want to read my thoughts on Podcasts as a promotion tool for a fiction magazine. I like the post and will probably write more in the future about Transmissions From Beyond.

Shaun asked listeners to share their thoughts on short speculative fiction. What magazines do you read? What Magazines do you buy? I’ve disabled comments for this post. If you have thoughts go share them on AISFP.

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