Links: Bone Shop, Omikuji and Books

  • Chapter 2 of TA Pratt’s Bone Shop is up.
  • – love the cigar!

  • I can now highly recommend Omikuji
  • – the first story I received was entitled Reading Borges in Buenos Aires. I’m a massive Jorge Luis Borges fan. Some of my favorite physics and math professors in college introduced me to his stories. Valente captures the feel of a Borges story perfectly, but I’m pretty sure even someone whose never heard of Borges could get something from the poetic flow of the story. If I understand the project correctly, you can experience this story as well if you sign up before the 28th of July. I think I’ve been inspired to re-read some Borges. I’ll be sure to report on the experience.

  • Jeff VanderMeer’s latest “Books Received” post includes audio
  • – There was a spit take when I realized he was attempting to read a Finnish excerpt from Taltivaeltaja. The excerpts he read from the other books were more useful. It was pretty cool to be able to scroll through the post and see the covers as he read. Jeff gave enthusiastic shout outs to numerous of the authors and Orbit books. Probably the Cooper, Baker and Banks interest me the most.

  • Cory Doctorow’s latest, Makers is being serialized at
  • – It looks like they’re doing something interesting with the artwork associated with each of the 81 entries. I’ll write more as more is posted.

  • And another link to AISFP 78 for good measure.
  • – glad to have you back Shaun!

~ by mentatjack on July 7, 2009.

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