Reading: Bone Shop by TA Pratt

The first chapter of Pratt’s prequel to the Marla Mason series is up. The 16 year old Marla Mason that arrives in Felport is a far cry from the powerful sorceress we’ve come to know and love. I look forward to seeing the transition from street waif to mob boss. It’s almost cliche, but Pratt is a master at whipping up something fun and original from familiar ingredients.

I like the afterward that gives an small insight into Pratt’s head, and I LOVE the teaser at the end of the chapter, which makes it really feel like a serial:

(Come back next week for physical violence, booze, nudity, and Marla’s first direct encounter with magic.)

The entire package is more than worth a small donation, which is how Pratt is funding this literary endeavor. If you like what you read and can’t wait a week, you can probably find most of the Marla Mason books in your local bookstore. I know Blood Engines has gone into a 5th printing! The first book is available free online from various sources, including this post. I’ve reviewed all 4 and highly recommend them:

In not even vaguely related news, Subterranean Press is having a 50% off sale (you have to buy 5 books). Subterranean Press books are uniformly drool-worthy, and I highly recommend you check them out. The 5 I’m trying to convince myself I can afford are:

~ by mentatjack on June 29, 2009.

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