Signing: Greg van Eekhout and Kirsten Imani Kasai


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This will be the last Greg post for a while, although I still have a review of Kirsten’s Ice Song to write. First books are so exciting! This is just a bit about the signing at Mysterious Galaxy.

Greg and Kirsten both told us a bit about their books. Greg told us that Norse Code drew heavily on Norse mythology. Based on some notes I made while he talked, I pulled together an interview that I emailed him later. Kirsten pointed out that a unique aspect of her book was that its main character was a nursing mother. This reminded me of Ronald’s post on Fantasy and motherhood. When Kirsten gleefully shared that a gory meat blender was an important element of her story I was intrigued. She talked of mutants and wolves and walrus men and an land that generates music as the ice sheets strain against each other.

They both read a passage. Oddly, I felt that neither really chose a passage that gave a great feel for the overall story, but we did get an idea of their voice. Norse Code came off efficient and playful, while Ice Song came off lyrical and a bit distracted by itself. The Norse Code passage involved an encounter between a god and a giant in a SoCal Quonset hut. The Ice song passage involved a wolf man and the queen of the forest watching and discussing the passage of a kidnapper through the forest.

I got a chance to browse around the bookstore, before and after the signing. It was VERY cool to experience an entire bookstore devoted to the stuff that I like to read. It was fun to see all the signed first editions. It was exciting to see a deeper selection of my favorite authors than I usually find in the science fiction section of a book store.

I met numerous interesting people and had an enjoyable train ride between Los Angeles and San Diego. I wish much success to Greg, Kirsten, and Mysterious Galaxy.

~ by mentatjack on June 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Signing: Greg van Eekhout and Kirsten Imani Kasai”

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