Cover Art: Lethe by Tricia Sullivan

I know I usually post big pretty pictures of cover art. I do that because I think the gorgeous cover art is awesome. This is the cover image that amazon has listed for Lethe by Tricia Sullivan. Not just an image, but the largest image. I kind of assumed that it was an abstract cartoon skipping in front of a field of grass.

When my copy showed up, I realized that amazon had actually censored the image. I looked up the artist, Donato Giancola, and realized that the painting (I’m guessing some people think this is NSFW) had been edited amusingly for content by the publisher, with strategically placed bubbles. I’ve showed the cover to 2 people now and got the reaction “it looks like she’s farting.” By leaps and bound I prefer the original painting and I think the version that amazon has on it’s site is just stupid.

The plus side to all of this (aside from getting Tricia Sullivan’s first novel *yay*) was discovering Donato Giancola. I browsed through all the images on his web site, but my favorite part was the technique section. He has numerous slide shows that show step by step how his paintings come together. There’s a video that shows a neat project start to finish. I found his book cover production walk through utterly fascinating.

At some point I need to pull together a list of all these artists that interest me.

~ by mentatjack on June 2, 2009.

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