Media Tie In Nostalgia: Star Trek

I was flipping through The Living Dead, an anthology edited by John Joseph Adams for Night Shade Books, and found myself reading the author information on “Those Who Seek Forgiveness,” by Laurell K. Hamilton. That was the first story she wrote about Anita Blake, but the author information also pointed out that she wrote the media tie-in novel Star Trek: The Next Generation: Nightshade. That made me realize that when done all of my Star Trek reading, I’d not paid that much attention to the authors, and I definitely didn’t put any effort into tracking down information about them.

There is an internet now, so I decided to find a site that had a good list of Star Trek novels. I found The Complete Starfleet Library, and it offered quite a trip down memory lane. It was interesting to see how many of the Star Trek novel authors started off by writing fan fiction. The first movie I saw in theaters was Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and that was my only real visual experience with the original series cast for quite a while. My family watched Star Trek: The Next Generation together, for pretty much the entire run. At some point I picked up one of the Star Trek novels that my dad was reading. Soon after, I decided to “start at the beginning.”

I read the original series novels, starting with the novelizations of the show by James Blish and the novelizations of the animated series by Alan Dean Foster. I then moved into the original novels. At some point I started a checklist based off of the numbered list in the front of the later novels. When the next generation novels started appearing on the list, I read those too. I remember the “giant novels.” I learned to love used book stores and libraries as I tracked down the books I was missing. Somewhere around 1992 my reading habits shifted, but I still remember that Star Trek binge fondly.

A new blog just started up called Missions Unknown, which covers science fiction and such in the environs around San Antonio. One of the contributors, John Picacio is a talented artist that’s done some great covers for science fiction novels, including numerous Star Trek novels. Both Myriad Universes and Terok Nor look interesting

On the way to re-watch Star Trek on IMAX last night (it’s so great to have a Star Trek movie in the theaters that’s worth rewatching), we stopped at Barnes & Nobel and I checked out the current selection of star trek novels. 2 jumped out at me, a Voyager novel and a Vangaurd novel.

I’m not 100% certain I’ll ever read another Star Trek novel, but it’s a ton of fun remembering the experience. Sorry if this was a bit rambling.

~ by mentatjack on May 30, 2009.

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