Winners: Mirrored Heavens

Both winners will be receiving a copy of Mirrored Heavens. Each of them are uniquely signed, with a Razor/Mech themed Inscription.

  • Deryn form Louisiana will be getting the Razor copy: “THE ZONE… because all else is FICTION.”
  • Michael from Germany will be getting the Mech copy: “The only world that counts is the one where you KICK IN SKULLS”

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone that entered. It’s always a blast to help promote an author, share some fiction I love, and meet some new people.

~ by mentatjack on May 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Winners: Mirrored Heavens”

  1. Incredible! I won!
    I came home from cinema. Watched X-MEN ORIGINALS: WOLVERINE together with my wife. We liked the film.
    Then I checked my mails.
    What a wonderful surprise: I won MIRRORED HEAVENS!
    That’s great ! Normally I prefer fantasy but I’m really interested in this book. And this month THE BURNING SKIES by David J. Williams will be released and it is also promising
    Thank you very much.

  2. Woo! I’m the other winner. I’m really glad I got this chance. I already have the other book on pre-order. Thanks agian!

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