I’m currently writing 3 posts that involve multiple short stories. One on the Second Law of Thermodynamics in science fiction, one on the audio fiction over at Clarkesworld, and one on Tobias Buckells collection, Tides From The New Worlds. A post about multiple stories takes a while to write as I usually write a first pass right after I finish reading each story. Actually, for pretty much every post on this blog I create the post as soon as I start reading whatever I’m reviewing … I then update the post as I read, and publish it after I’m done reading.

Anyway, I’m toying with the idea of starting up an email list to send out these kind of “posts in progress,” for feedback and general community building. Toss me an email, or leave a comment if this is something you’d like to take part in.

~ by mentatjack on April 22, 2009.

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