$1 ebooks from Orbit Books

It’s not as good a deal as free, but according to Orbit Books:

We’ve partnered with the top ebook vendors to offer readers in the USA an ebook a month for just $1. Visit this site for the currently discounted titles, and links to buy. Each book will only be available at this special price for the promotional month, so act now!

I checked the sites they linked to. Amazon has the kindle version of Winterbirth listed at $1. Books on Board has Winterbirth priced at $0.95 (savings $0.05) which I find slightly amusing. Fictionwise didn’t seem to have Winterbirth discounted.(it was discounted at fictionwise when I checked later) Sony has Winterbirth at $1.

Three more books are scheduled for $1 treatment in upcoming months:

As has come to be expected with this type of promotion, these are all the first books in series. I would suggest that it’s even more important to support this promotion than the free ones we’ve seen recently from other publishers. I’m betting 10’s (or 100’s) of thousands of people shelling out for a couple really cheap eBooks will have more impact on the future pricing of eBooks than boycotting eBooks over $9.99. Though, I fully support those who are sticking to their guns on that issue.

[edit 2009-05-22] The Dragon Page Cover to Cover, in episode 353A just interviewed Tim Holman from Orbit Books. The discussion was all about eBooks and this promotion in particular.

~ by mentatjack on April 11, 2009.

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  1. […] growing popularity of ebooks to promote novel series by giving the first book away for free (or in the case of orbit, $1). I read my first Sean Williams and Karl Schroder due to these promotions and they will both […]

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