David J. Williams: Video, Audio, and Glyphs

I went looking for short stories by David J. Williams, and instead came up with an interview at Dragon Page Cover to Cover (also the above video). In addition to the interview, there was a segment on discovering writers, that started with a question about used bookstores vs eBooks. The answer drifted to a statement that writers and people that want to write pay more attention to the author name than the average reader. Personally, I not only pay attention to the names, but I find that I enjoy most fiction when I know a bit about the writer. I’m also in the “want to be a writer” crowd, so maybe they’re onto something.

After listening to the Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing interview with David J. Williams, I was itching to read Burning Skies, the sequel to Mirrored Heavens. Luckily, I’ve been able to scratch that itch, and I’ll have a review of Burning Skies up in time for the May 19th release.

The Cover to Cover interview touched on a unique feature of Mirrored Heavens and Burning Skies. These books don’t have traditional chapters and the action shifts often between the “plot line vectors” (David’s description). This would be a bit disconcerting, except that each section starts with a glyph (Mike’s description) that indicates which plot vector you’re now following. When I talk about this feature to my friends, I call these “point of view icons,” but I must say that “plot vector glyphs” sounds much cooler. I was fully prepared to declare David awesome for this neat little trick, but he told Mike and Mike that the idea came from his editor at the time, Juliet Ulman.

Now to finish reading Burning Skies.

~ by mentatjack on April 5, 2009.

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