text adventure « Magic District


You are in a writer’s room. Exits are north and east. The door leading north has “This Way to Fame, Fortune, and Free Beer” painted over it.

There is a chair here.


You have a Hazy Idea for a story.

You have a Muse.

You have an Inner Editor.

>go n

That’s the start of a spectacular post by Margaret Ronald over at Magic District. I started reading that blog because Tim Pratt and Greg van Eekhout post there, but I’ve been enjoying the posts by everyone. I have a copy of Margaret’s Spiral Hunt, and if that post is any indication, I’m in for a treat.

~ by mentatjack on April 1, 2009.

One Response to “text adventure « Magic District”

  1. Even I’m not a writer but this was an awesome text adventure!

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