Review: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Little Brother Cover

Little Brother is Cory Doctorow‘s first YA novel and it’s been nominated for the Hugo. He’s written numerous other more adult targeted and you can download them all for free on his website, named after a delightful short story. I like the EscapePod recording of Craphound. At the end of this review you’ll find a slew of links which I culled from the bibliography at the end of Little Brother.

Little Brother opens with and later explains the paradox of the false positive. (search the text) After a terrorist incident in San Francisco (in the vaguely near future) the net is thrown rather wide to try and catch those responsible and/or future terrorists. What they catch and secretly jail is a young man, raised by former activist parents and a healthy curiosity for how computers and technology in general works. As he sees his liberties erode around him he fights back in numerous interesting ways.

Doctorow re-envisions Orwell’s 1984 as a hacker manual/coming of age story, and it works well on both counts. After a few nudges in the text I suspect that many people reading will read with google and wikipedia at the ready. Adolescent romance, parties, concerts, computers, ARG’s, LARPing and fast food balance out the heavier topics of Privacy vs Security, Profiling, Patriotism, and the uses/abuses of authority. (it’s better than that sounds) Doctorow captures San Francisco well. He captures teenage insecurity. He captures the spirit of the Hacker. He captures the very real dangers that we face because of the Patriot Act.

While Little Brother is not my favorite Cory Doctorow novel, it is a good example of this writing and easily the most accessible. I suspect readers will get hooked and either check out more Doctorow or go build something.

Largely for my reference, links to everything from the bibliography in the back of Little Brother:

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