Filling in the gaps, a pseudopod case study

My problem was this. The feed for pseudopod starts with episode 60. I’d solved a similar problem with escapepod by tracking down the wonderfully useful escape archive, but I couldn’t find a similar feed for pseudopod. So I did the following:

  1. I downloaded episodes 1-60 and imported them into iTunes.
  2. I cleaned up a few random id3 tags that were confusing things.
  3. I set all files to “remember playback position” ( get info -> options )
  4. I made a smart playlist that would give me the 10 most recently unplayed episodes.
  5. I set that playlist to sync on my iPod.

Other than having to browse to the playlist under “music,” instead of “podcasts,” the behavior is exactly the same as the rest of my real podcasts. That’s my story and I promise it’s true.

Extra credit for anyone who can name the Bruce Jensen book cover I have set as my desktop.

~ by mentatjack on August 9, 2008.

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