State of my Podcast: Caught up with I Should Be Writing

I like to take a moment to sit back and reflect when I catch up with a podcast. I have a long commute, and I tend to start at episode one when I find a podcast I like. The story of the podcaster or team is often as interesting as the content.

Mur is inspirational. After over 100 episodes, she’s almost convinced me that I should be writing. In fact, I actually have been writing a bit. There’s this story with a guy in a tree and this other guy and a kid and time travel and nanotechnology and coffee, but more on that later. The last episode I listened to was an interview with Tim Pratt.

After missing a few weeks, Scott Sigler posted a new episode of Nocturnal this week. This story holds a special place in my [insert random organ here]. It’s the first podcast novel I’ve followed from episode one (actually, I had to catch up a few episodes). I eagerly await each episode.

Today I started listening to Cory Doctorow’s podcast. True Names is SO AWSOME. What do you get when you start with the question “How computation is left before the heat death of the universe?”

During tomorrow’s commute, I’ll be listening to the latest episode of Adventures in SciFi Publishing. I’ve been missing this one and I’m excited about the prospect of more regular episodes this summer.

Also, I’m on the actual Escape Pod feed now, but I appreciated this archive as I caught up. Gotta love creative commons

~ by mentatjack on June 26, 2008.

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