The Space Elevator

There’s something hyper-real about a novel that starts with a diplomatic document. In the case of The Mirrored Heavens that document is a treaty that lays the political foundation for the book. Article VII of this treaty mentions Lagrangian points.

Pretend I didn’t just link to the wikipedia entry for Lagrangian points, because what I actually did was find the book shelf that has all my science non-fiction, and grab my copy of The Space Elevator. I haven’t read that from cover to cover. I have it as a reference. In case I ever want to write a story that involves space elevators.

I’m quite the giddy geek when I drink in some good science fiction and have the perfect reference book to chase it.

~ by mentatjack on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Space Elevator”

  1. If you need any help with your book that involves Space Elevators, please let us know. The book you are using as your reference is now about 5+ years old, and there have been a lot of updates, since.

    Edwards has written another one, and so has my team, LiftPort:Opening Space to Everyone.

    My hunch is that you will especially like ours, because we combine about 20 good SF stories along with about 25 ‘technical’ chapters. The idea here is to show what is ‘possible’ and then show how we will built it. There are chapters on the social, political, legal, military, religious aspects, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to develop and deploy it.

    As to this book, Mirrored Heavens, many people in our SE community have been talking about it. I will be picking up my copy soon.

    Take care. mjl
    LiftPort Group

  2. You officially win the “best comment so far since I started this blog” award. Very prestigious. I’m totally going to check out LiftPort: Opening Space to Everyone

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