Odd Thomas and video trailers for books

I’ve been enjoying the growing trend to create short videos trailers to promote a new book. I think Scott Sigler’s trailer for Infected was the first I saw, and probably stands out as the one with the best hook and overall the best production values. The trailer I’ve posted here will keep the character of Odd Thomas on my mind, and since I’ve enjoyed pretty much every Dean Koontz I’ve read, I’ll grab the series used at some point.

What’s neat about this trailer is that they shot more footage than was needed for the 30 second trailer and made it into a series of 4 videos about 5 minutes each (episode 1). The special effects are beyond cheesy and the dialog was a bit grating, but overall I enjoyed it. It’s a worthy 15-20 minutes to spend if you’re willing to get hooked on a new paranormal series.

I’d love to find more book trailers, if anyone has pulled together a good list.

~ by mentatjack on May 31, 2008.

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