Itty Bitty Robots

While I was writing my review of Blood Engines last night I thought about how fun playing with all the various magic systems probably was for Pratt, and I thought back to the itty-bitty-robots (IBR) novel I started in high school. I’d wanted to come up with various ways to enable shape shifting, and they all started collecting around this concept of really small robots that had been created to battle cancer. I wrote what I wrote of that novel (not really more than a chapter or 2 really) summer of 1995.

I got it into my head to pick up my IBR novel while I was in college, and promptly ran across Drexler’s Engines of Creation. Looking back I should have considered this research, but at the time I was floored that my idea had already been thought of and I shelved the novel. After reading the short story Blood Music by Greg Bear and reading Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, I was convinced that I would NEVER be able to compete with other published authors. I quite enjoyed those stories and pretty much decided to just be a science fiction reader.

This morning, I was listening to I Should Be Writing. The topic was “fun.” My mind returned to my IBR novel, and I realized it could still be a TON of fun to right, even if I purposely stuck to my naive nano-technology source material. I was starting to run back through scenes from my novel when I finished the episode of ISBW and started up the morning escape pod story, Blink. Don’t Blink. … a brilliant nano-technology story … this one about as close to some of my ideas as I’ve ever run into. The universe is talking to me. I’m going to flesh out an outline and prepare for a NaNoWriMo of my IBR novel.

Update (6/6/08 9:25) I Should Be Writing #70 touches on the “depressed by finding out that your ideas have already been done” concept. Her advice is the title of the episode, “Just WRITE the damn thing!”

~ by mentatjack on May 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Itty Bitty Robots”

  1. I think writing your IBR novel will be a good one, and that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Cause yanno… you were like what? Fifteen when you came up with IBR’s without ever having heard of them before? And the people whose novels you read were how old? And they probably *had* heard of nano-technology before? You should be easier on yourself, you’re a frickin’ genious!

  2. This does really make me want to get a copy of Engines of Creation.

  3. […] the summer of 1995, during my first visit to San Franscisco, after I attempted my first novel and before I started my senior year of High School, I purchased and read Permutation City by Greg […]

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